Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sharing Ice Cream

I'm convinced that there is always something I can learn from each experience, each moment in my life. Recently I've been taking my mother back and forth from doctors appointments. This last one, well I was reminded of the inner child that we seldom let out once we're grown.

Let me explain, My mother is 45, she's just had spinal surgery, and her primary physician has confirmed that she definitely has early onset dementia. Some days, she's perfectly normal, other days she forgets things, and still others she like a child set free.

Fast forward back to the afore mentioned doctors appointment. We went to Applebee's for lunch. She pushed her food around her plate, ate a few bites, complained of how she just can't seem to eat that much anymore. She'd never been to Applebee's she said, ooh, look at those desserts she said- pointing to the new "shooter" desserts. The glee and delight on her face made it so hard not to crack a smile. Mom doesn't usually go for sweets, ever. Today though she says she loves them and has to try the strawberry shortcake one. I, of course, had eaten most of the soup and pasta I ordered. I didn't really have the room for more.... but who could resist a childlike smile that invites you to remember what childhood was suppose to be all about. The pure and simple pleasure of indulgence. The moments that will be gone before we know it.

I wonder sometimes what it will feel like on the day she forgets who I am, who my children are- but for now I'll enjoy the shared ice cream.

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