Monday, February 18, 2008

Legal frustrations and ponderings

I feel so much like screaming out loud and then crying a lot. Peace, inner peace, is very difficult to find. Some of my anger is towards people who should have been responsible adults and weren't, some of its towards a legal system that is reactive rather than proactive. There aren't any protective roadblocks in place to keep children from being hurt in the first place, there are only forensic and investigative measures that come after the hurting takes place and is discovered, if it is discovered. Then there are familial "rules" that most people acknowledge as neccessary to foster, these rules end up being the loop hole in the system that can allow further harm to come to a child while an investigation is underway. So I'm frustrated, angry, and I want to know why it is that unless the perpetrator put a child in the hospital or killed them, their aren't any real consequences for child abuse and there isn't more proactive approaches to family help before the violent behaviors start? Maybe we ought to have people who randomly check any household with children in the home regardless of whether or not a complaint has been filed. That might actually prevent so much damage both physically and psychologically that a child ends up having to bear. I figure as a parent, if you have nothing to hide, then you won't mind giving up a piece of your privacy if it means saving the life of a child right?

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